Ex-England Legend Chris Waddle Supporting HITG

In a show of support for mental health awareness, football icon Chris Waddle took part in our mental health football session held in Sheffield last night. The session, aimed at promoting mental wellbeing through sport, saw Waddle engage with participants and share his own experiences.

The former England international, known for his exceptional skills on the pitch during the 1980s and 1990s, joined forces with the HITG initiative to shed light on the importance of addressing mental health challenges within the sports community. Participants of all ages came together to engage in friendly matches and discussions about mental health.

Waddle, who earned his reputation as one of the most talented wingers of his generation, spoke candidly about his own experiences dealing with the pressures of professional football and the toll it can take on mental health. He emphasised the significance of seeking support and opening up about struggles, highlighting that even well known figures like him have faced similar challenges.

Our 12 week initiative, which combines physical activity with discussions about mental health, has gained traction in recent years for its innovative approach to tackling the stigma surrounding mental wellbeing. By bringing together sports enthusiasts, professionals, and figures like Chris Waddle, the initiative aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to share their stories and learn from each other.

The programme has been lauded for it’s role in fostering a sense of community, promoting physical activity, and encouraging open conversations about mental health. The participation of Chris Waddle in the Sheffield event further strengthens the initiative’s mission to break down the barriers surrounding mental health in sports.

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