HITG Supporting Royal Opera House – Delivering Mental Health Workshops

Frontline delivery staff from HITG conducted two impactful workshops this week focused on workplace mental health at The Royal Opera House in London. Focused on enhancing communication skills to bolster mental fitness, these workshops were a significant step in fostering a supportive and resilient work environment.

With the understanding that effective communication plays a pivotal role in maintaining mental wellbeing and mental fitness, the sessions aimed to equip staff members with practical strategies to navigate challenges and promote positive interactions within the workplace.

The Royal Opera House staff enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate in these workshops, recognising the importance of prioritising mental health in their professional lives.

By engaging in discussions and interactive exercises facilitated by Head In The Game, employees gained valuable insights into effective communication techniques that not only enhance workplace dynamics but also contribute to their overall wellbeing.

The success of these workshops underscores the significance of proactive initiatives like these in promoting mental health awareness and creating supportive environments within various industries.

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