HITG Supporting The Baton Of Hope

As the Baton of Hope made its way through London, with its final destination set for 10 Downing Street, Head In The Game united with thousands of other supporters across the UK to tackle the critical issue of suicide prevention.

Campaigner Mike McCarthy’s Baton of Hope, a symbolic initiative to raise awareness about the devastating impact of suicide, made its way to the halls of Parliament after commencing its journey from the Isle of Man.

Driven by McCarthy’s personal experience of losing his 31-year-old son to suicide, the Baton of Hope seeks to shed light on the importance of mental health support.

Bernie Hollywood, hailing from Liverpool, carried the Baton as it arrived at Westminster Bridge. Hollywood’s commendable efforts have already generated over £100,000 in donations for mental health charities.

The Baton of Hope, a brainchild of Mike McCarthy, holds deep significance. It was born out of McCarthy’s desire to fulfil his late son’s poignant request for improved mental health care, following Ross’s decade-long struggle with depression before his tragic suicide in 2021. Ross left behind a young son and a fiancée, and his family has taken up the mantle to advocate for better support in his memory.

The Baton of Hope strives to become the most significant suicide prevention initiative in the United Kingdom, serving as a tangible symbol that can be passed from one individual to another. It carries a powerful message: no one should face their battles alone.

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