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I cannot praise this programme enough. I can feel the change in myself for the better and I could see it in others too. Well done HITG.

Maidstone participant 2022

The HITG ethos is excellent. The project is incredible and a great outlet for those who attend, it’s also good for building new relationships.

Thanet Participant July 2021

The project has given me something to focus on and look forward to each week. Knowing I’m not alone in how I feel has been a big help.

Thanet Participant Sep 2021

Playing football twice a week now and feel a lot fitter mentally and physically. This is all down to HITG and how it’s impacted my life. Great service and great coaches. Massive well done and thank you to all.

Thanet Participant April 2022

Before I started I thought “how would playing football help with my mental health?” but being there and being a part of Head In The Game has changed my physical and mental health for the good.

Maidstone Participant May 2022

I would like to personally thank the HITG team for providing this opportunity for me. It has been a valuable experience and look forward to it’s continued support and involvement in the future.

Medway Participant June 2022

The weekly sessions are something that I really look forward to each and every week. Getting to play football again, try different training drills and importantly to have a shared forum both in person and digitally have brought joy and a feeling of acceptance to my life. Knowing that I’m not alone in my mental health journey is of great comfort.
I am grateful to the HITG team for providing this service not only to me but to all those that attended my 12 week programme, but the other programmes run during the same period and future programmes for other people. The team deserves huge credit for starting such a great project and for their ongoing dedication to deliver such a helpful service.

Medway participant May 2022

Attending the 12 week programme was a personal change and added some social structure to my week. During the 12 weeks I felt my fitness improve from the weekly sessions which inspired me to do more fitness, so I started doing some strength training at home. Although I have been working on incorporating yoga sessions into a morning routine since the beginning of the year, I’ve found my personal discipline has improved in trying to attain a daily practice during the last 12 weeks. Thank you, Head In The Game.

Medway participant June 2022

HITG has been a rock for me in last 12 weeks and I really don’t know where I would be in terms of my well-being without it. I have started to think more positively and not focus on the negative aspects that life throws at me. It has been a very rewarding experience and I have benefitted from the well-being coping techniques that Mark has taught me and also the wisdom shared by the other guys who lift me up. We feed of each other’s positivity in an environment where we can talk openly and be heard without prejudice. Men generally do not express ourselves as we worry about our image and appearing vulnerable so this platform gives us the freedom to say what is on our minds. If HITG was available nationally I believe it would help society immensely, so much so that doctors would prescribe HITG sessions instead of drugs to lift one’s mental well-being. The fact remains a healthy body, which HITG delivers each session, leads to a healthy mind. Long may it continue!

Medway participant May 2022
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