No Substitute For Support Membership Launched

Through our innovative football based mental health programmes, Head In The Game has already witnessed a remarkable surge in mental health improvement among participants, garnering praise from numerous clubs and organisations that have partnered with us. By harnessing the power of sports and delving into the science behind brain behaviour, we empower individuals to understand and manage their mental wellbeing effectively.

“At Head In The Game, our primary goal is to bolster community mental health health sustainably,” says our Wellbeing & Inclusion Lead, Matt Witts. “We achieve this by tailoring our approach to the unique needs and objectives of each club or organisation we collaborate with.”

“Our methodology is structured around six key commitments, ensuring a comprehensive and customised strategy for mental health improvement. These commitments include fostering a culture of openness, promoting individual wellbeing, empowering teams through supportive environments, engaging communities, investing in mental fitness education and training, and measuring progress through continual improvement.”

Joining forces with Head In The Game and becoming a member comes with a host of benefits. From mental health training and fitness talks to the establishment of focus groups and mentor support, participating clubs and organisations gain access to a wealth of resources through the “No Substitute For Support” membership plan.

“Our established format is adaptable to the resources that are available to the club or organisation, and after an initial consultation process, we collaborate closely with them to ensure a long-term commitment to mental health improvement.”

Indeed, Head In The Game is not just about short-term fixes but about fostering enduring change within communities. By becoming a committed member, clubs and organisations embark on a journey toward mental health improvement, backed by clear, reportable outcomes that demonstrate a genuine dedication to their members’ wellbeing.

As Head In The Game continues to lead the charge in mental health advocacy through sports, we invite more clubs and organisations to join us in this mission. Together, we strive to create healthier, more supportive environments where individuals can thrive both on and off the field.

To find out how your club or organisation can become a No Substitute For Support member please email:

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