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Our Best Of Living programme is a pioneering initiative designed to tackle the pressing issue of the cost of living crisis in some of the UK’s most deprived areas. With a strong focus on providing support and solutions to those affected, the programme offers a unique approach through weekly football sessions that span either six or twelve weeks. By harnessing the power of football, the programme not only promotes physical well-being but also fosters a sense of community and empowerment among participants. These football sessions serve as a safe and inclusive space for individuals facing financial hardships, enabling them to develop crucial skills, build resilience, and form lasting connections. Through this innovative and engaging programme, we aim help to alleviate the burden of the cost of living crisis and empower individuals to overcome adversity while promoting a healthier, more connected society. The pilot programme was delivered in partnership with the West Ham United Foundation to utilise  football as a powerful tool in combating the cost of living crisis, providing vital support to the  community of Newham. Sessions started in October 2023 and have most recently been co-delivered with Dartford FC and Herne Bay FC in 2024.

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